Penny Stove Stand

Introduction: Penny Stove Stand

1. make penny stove like this one

Step 1: First

2. cut coffee can about 2 inches higher than the top of the stove.

Step 2: Second

3. fold over about 1 inch at the top of the can

Step 3: Third

4. cut a section just big enouph to fit the stove into

Step 4: Fourth

5. drill 3 holes about 1 inch apart so you can add the pot holders

Step 5: Fifth

6. cut 3 pieces out of a coat hanger about a half a inch longer than the diameter of the coffee can

Step 6: Sixth

7. place the pieces of coat hangers in the holes and soder them int place

Step 7: Finished

Now you can make some food

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    Hey there - this is a good build, but do your think you could re-upload your images with the correct orientation? Thanks