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Introduction: Peony- 3in1 Fruit Basket & Decoration

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If you need a beautiful and useful decoration, if you addict in puzzle game, that's a good idea to delight your home. peony is fruit basket set with three layers. You can separate to use or put it together, flexible use as you want. The elegant design not like ordinary 3D puzzles, it's more difficult mind challenge for your brain.

For such complicate form you might think, oh my god! there must be a hundred of different pieces. Actually, it's only one kind of piece in each layer to build the fantastic structure. So all the material you need is....


。3mm acrylic*7 L30cm*D30cm

。BPI® Polycarbonate and Acrylic Tints


。40~60 min laser cutting (depends on the machine and setting)

。10min~ ∞ min (depends on your IQ & skill :P)

This elegant design also exhibited on Salone Satellite (Milan), Maison & Objet (Paris) and Taiwan designer week. Please like us on facebook to get more new information!

Step 1: Cutting

You can also put the three stars sharp inside the circle to save the material. In this step you have to cut 3mm acrylic sheet. Cut attachment "peony.pdf" file in several pieces with laser cutting machine. That will be great if you can find a FABLAB close where you are. They provide cheap or even free laser cutting for your needs. Otherwise that might cost a little higher. Highly re common to cut more than you need as backup since the acrylic is fragile.

*notice: If you don't have bpI® Polycarbonate or such things to dye your acrylic in next step, another solution is to separate different size circles in different color sheets (will need more acrylic sheets....)

Step 2: Dying Color

If you are lucky enough to have some dying material, you might save a lot acrylic sheets. But that also means you cannot skip this step or you want a monotone final work.

But I'm not so sure how bpI® Polycarbonate works..... I actually use other stains...
So you can have a reference on its official webside

If you using other stains as well, please ask the store, I actually use more complicated stain as the picture list like chemical experiment.....

However, no matter how you finish this step. I believe you've already got a stack of your masterpiece and ready to assemble.

Step 3: Assemble Outside Layer

It's the brain challenge step!! You have to put all the fragile piece together. So you have to be smart and careful enough to finish assemble process and it would be stronger than just one piece when you finish the full structure. Have a look of the line drawing picture the tip is to put the same letter together in all the same size piece. And use the gap on the component to cross each other. Better to start with the biggest one as easiest practice.

You can see the picture to follow the steps.
Firstly, to cross two biggest piece and make the A to a & F to f. and make all the upside opening in the same side to fit following process.

Secondly, the same process as before A to a & F to f and B to b & E to e as additional quest, still keep the opening the same side.

Thirdly, to A to a & F to f and B to b & E, C to c & D to d then keep going until finish all the seven pieces. It will be more difficult with more pieces on it.

Last step, when you finish all the seven pieces just put the biggest star in the middle to finish the biggest layer.

Step 4: Assemble Middle Layer

The assemble process in middle layer is total the same as big one but due to the size and angle different. It's slight harder than the big layer.

Step 5: Assemble Inside Layer

Almost the same with before but in this layer, there's only six pieces. So the letter match will start from A to a & E to e then B to b & D to d then C to c & c to C....

Step 6: Done & Enjoy

You can have it stack all together as decoration or separate to use as individual basket as you want.

If you like it, please like my facebook page

If you hate it burn your brain, we would have a project on kickstarter in following month with better material and quility then DIY does. Please also like us to see incoming new of "mr.sheep" design!

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    5 years ago

    Lol awesome. Love the "10 minutes, depends on your IQ and skill" lol great work


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It's an actually brain challenge!!!

    Victor Does
    Victor Does

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Finally my fruits can have a hamster ball to :) Interesting design!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Will be nice to maker a hamster ball for my next project lol