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Introduction: Pepakura Cardboard Tip

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Pepakura is a great achievement for anyone and requires a massive amount of hours and skill to get right. Over the years i have spent hours making helmets only to accidentally squash it or warp it during the resin stage. Here is a great tip that will save you hours, if not days of pepping time.

Step 1: Using Foam Templates

Whenever your searching for pepakura files, instead of using the normal files, search for foam files instead. (Or modify normal files to foam). But instead of using foam, use cardboard. Draw around the printouts onto corrugated card sheets, cut and glue with a glue gun. Assemble as you would foam using the pep viewer as a guide. After its complete you can fibleglass and bodyfiller as you do normally.

Step 2: Conclusion

Using this technique you can save hours of time and money (foams expensive, cardboard is free) This is ideal for people who dont like the finish that foam has and still prefer the fibreglass option, but hate flimsy fiddly pep pieces. The ironman helmet shown took 2.5 hours to complete and is solid with minimum warping when fibreglassing. I also made a clonetrooper chest and back in around 5 hours.



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    5 Discussions

    what was the clone helmet made of?

    hey wat pepakura file did you use for your iron man mark 42 hemet

    man as made for mold chest.

    Great Tip!!! ill have to keep that in mind next time cause right now i have a messed up looking stormtrooper helmet :(