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Pepakura (papercraft) models are models constructed mainly from sheets of card stock. so here let me show you how to create it

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Step 1: At First We Need a 3d Modelling Program Such As Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema4d, Etc

at first we need a 3d modelling program such as maya, 3ds max,
blender, cinema4d, etc (download it if you don’t have one). or you can also use the ready made 3d models if you have

Step 2: After If You’ve Finished Modelling Your 3D Model

After if you’ve finished modelling your 3D model, export it as .3ds or .obj file for best results

download a example model here-

Step 3: Now You Need a Program Called “Pepakura Designer”

Now you need a program called “Pepakura Designer”, download it from here- downloading, install it, and then open it.

After opening pepakura designer, click on file>open and then locate
the 3d model that you’ve just designed(or downloaded a ready made model). and then open it in pepakura designer

Step 4: Now We Need to Flip the Faces

Now you will get an dialog box asking you whether to “flip” or “no
flip”. click on “flip”. and then click “flip” again and then click “ok”. After that, you’ll be asked to provide the size of the model that you want to create, provide the sizes as per your requirements or leave it as default and click “ok”(please note that, you’ve can also change the size later if you want)

Step 5: Now We Need to Unfold It

Now click “Unfold”, this will convert the 3d model into a printable 2d map

Step 6: Now We Need to Adjust Everything to Fit the Paore Size

as you’ve above that the 2d map doesn’t fits perfectly in the paper
size, so what do we do now?, solution is very simple, if you right click, you’ll get lots of tools such as rotate, select & move, join/disjoin, etc. to fix the problem select join/disjoin tool & then slice the large piece into many smaller pieces. then use other tools to reposition it so that it fits everything perfectly in the page

Step 7: Now We Need to Configure Printing Settings

now click on 2D menu & make sure that “Show Edge ID” is enabled.
then click on settings>printer and other settings & make sure that you’ve selected “Print lines clearly(Vector Print)” and the click “OK”

Step 8: Now Print It

Now it’s the time to print it, so now click on file>print and print
the sheets. for best results please use a “cardstock”, a cardstock is a very hard but thin paper, used for printing greeting cards & business cards, you can also use a photopaper.

Step 9: After You’ve Finished Printing, Cut Out the Sheets Like This

After you’ve finished printing, cut out the sheets like this

Step 10: Folding

Now there are two types of paper-folds that pepakura uses, that is-
valley fold and mountain fold, in your prints you must have noticed some lines that look like these., they indicate what type of fold you’ve to do.

Step 11: Now Join Them

in your prints, you must have also noticed some numbers like this, these
numbers indicated the joints. what you’ve to do is very simple, just find the matching pair of numbers and then join them together(stick them with a superglue)

Step 12: Now Assemble Them

Now assemble everything. you’ll get it something like this, all tough my
model doesn’t looks so good, cause i didn’t had a good superglue.

Step 13: Try Some More

these are just the basics, you can create almost anything with this
technique. and perhaps you can even create this futuristic city model. to make the paper ultra-hard you can use a fiberglass resin or a aqua resin(available in art & craft stores)

visit here for more-




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    Thanks for your tutorial! It helped me with my blender files. I have now converted them into pepakura files : )


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