Pepper Black Coffee




Introduction: Pepper Black Coffee

Pepper black coffee is very tasty and easy to make in 3-5 mins .

It has good medicinal value in it. It helps in getting rid of fever , headache and cold illness, no need to take any tablet.

Step 1: Ingredients and Utensils Required


Coffee powder



1 spoon

small utensil for making coffee

Step 2: How to Make

Take a glass of water and boil it for few sec to get water heated

Step 3:

After boiling water for a few sec add one tea spoon of coffee powder to it (as per requirement).

Step 4:

After boiling coffee powder put a pinch or less than half spoon of pepper to it

Step 5:

After putting coffee powder and pepper stir well and boil it well.

Step 6:

After boiling it as much as possible like in the pic.

Take it in a glass and add sugar as per your requirement and it is ready to drink.



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    4 Discussions

    Is there any reason why this wouldn't work using a filter coffee machine?
    Just mixing in the pepper with the grounds?

    Any specific type of (powdered) pepper that's typically used?

    Himalasalt had a bunch of different types of peppercorn with grinders..

    Or maybe something with a little heat, like ground (cayenne) pepper?

    1 reply

    I had used pepper powder. If it is in peppercorn form then you can grind it and use it

    sounds interesting! thank you for posting this. I love pepper and will definitely try it.