Pepper Grenade Canister/ Bomb


Introduction: Pepper Grenade Canister/ Bomb

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Make a simple but effective pepper or powder grenade out of a film canister and some cardboard and of course some CHEMICALS -HA HA HA HAAA!!!!!!!

Step 1: Equipment

you will need:
1 Film canister or air tight container with a pop open lid.
1 Cardboard sheet (thin- Cereal box type)
1 Plastic sandwich bag
Some Vinegar
Some Bicarbonate of Soda (or Baking Soda)
Some Powder- flour, pepper, allspice....
Some Celotape or sticky tape
Some string

1 pair of scissors
2 Hands
1 Bomb site

Step 2: Cutting

1. Cut the cardboard to the circumference (a circle the same size of the inside)of the film canister.

2. Hold the corner of the plastic bag against the canister(so that the corner is pointing straight down) and cut just below the top of the canister to form a cone.(Thank you James M)

3. Cut some string (or any material like it) that is about 10cm or 4 inches long then take the celotape and stick one end of the string to the canister and one end to the lid leaving a bit of slack in the middle so that the top can blow off.

Step 3: Construction

Fill the canister a quarter of the way up with vinegar I use the cap as it is more controllable.

Step 4: The Grenade

4. Fill the corner of the bag, a bit over half the way up with bicarbonate of Soda. Place the bag into the canister so that the open end is facing upwards and being careful not to spill any Bicarb into the vinegar.

Step 5: The Powder

Carefully slowly push the cardboard into the canister so that it totally seals the top of the canister and place the circular piece of card on top of it.

Then take the powder and pour it on to the top of the cardboard up until it reaches the top of the canister then carefully put the lid on making sure that the grenade is always up right until throwing.

Step 6: Priming, Throwing and EXPLODING!!!!!!!

To prime the grenade shake it up and down the delay on mine was about 2 seconds so throw very very quickly mine nearly blew up and peppered me in my face and my second one did not blow up after 2 lots of shaking and then did one almighty explosion.



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