Peppermint Butler Adventure Time Cake

Introduction: Peppermint Butler Adventure Time Cake

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My friend and I made this peppermint butler cake, and it turned out really well! It's also really simple to make, so thought I'd share it... You will need: -round cake -white ready-roll icing -small amount of jam(spread over cake) -blue food dye -red food dye -butter knife -rolling pin -pastry brush -small pots (for food dye)

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Step 1: Make a Round Cake, Any Flavour

Step 2: Roll Out Icing

Kneed and roll the icing until it's soft and white, but sprinkle the surface you're using with icing sugar so it doesn't stick. When the icing is the right size and thickness for your cake, carefully lift it off the surface and put it on the cake, wrapping it over the edges and patting and pushing it till it covers the whole thing.

Step 3: Cut Out Shapes for Peppermint Butler's Face

You'll need to have: -2 circles (eyes) -1/3 circle (coat) -small square and two bigger squares (bow tie) -7 triangles (peppermint stripes)

Step 4: Paint Shapes Appropriate Colours

You'll need to paint the shapes with food dye. -tailcoat- blue -peppermint stripes- red -bow tie- red Remember to cut a small triangle out of the tailcoat shape in the middle.

Step 5: Carefully Put Shapes Onto Cake

Make sure that when you put the shapes on the cake, that they're put on the right place the first time, so you don't get food dye on the white icing.

Step 6: Slice a Mouth

For the mouth, just use a butter knife to cut a small line into the white icing, just under and in between the eyes.

Step 7: Admire Your Beautiful Peppermint Butler Cake

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I always wonder, how much is too much, when eating pieces off the folks of the Candy Kingdom? Peppermint Butler wouldn't be in too much danger from me, usually, but Cinnamon Bun and the doughnut guys, I'd eat them up quick.