Peppermint Toad Box + Recipe



Introduction: Peppermint Toad Box + Recipe

Just in time for the holiday, here is a DIY for a Peppermint Toad box and recipe!


You'll also need to download the free Peppermint Toad Box templates that I created. The link can be found below (desktop) or above (mobile). There are two versions, red (newer) and blue (older).

Step 1: The Box

The box should be printed on silver mirror board card stock with the star pattern on the shiny side - or regular card stock with the colored background star pattern on the back side.

I'm going to link my previous tutorial on making a chocolate frog box here, because it's exactly the same besides the template. Follow those steps to put the box together.

Box Instructions

Step 2: The Recipe


8 Peppermint Toads


  • 30 Candy Cane Flavored Hershye's Kisses
  • 10 Lindor White Chocolate Truffles


Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a small pot. Meanwhile cut 10 truffles in half and separate the creamy insides from the hard outsides.

Put the hard white chocolate truffle outsides in a metal mixing bowl. use an oven mitt to hold the metal bowl over the boiling water and stir the white chocolate as it melts. Continue stirring until smooth.

Put one spoonful of melted white chocolate in each of the 8 frog molds. Use a pastry brush to coat the entire inside of the frog molds with the melted chocolate.

Let sit on a level surface in the freezer for 10 minutes. Meanwhile melt 20 candy cane Hershey's Kisses.

When the mold comes out of the freezer, add one spoonful of melted candy cane Hershey's Kisses to each of the frog molds. Again, spread with the pastry brush.

Let sit on a level surface in the freezer for 10 minutes.

When the mold comes out of the freezer, fill each mold with the soft insides from the white chocolate truffles. Melt 10 more candy cane Hershey's Kisses and spread a spoonful over the bottom of each frog mold.

Let sit on a level surface in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

When the mold comes out of the freezer, hold it upside down over a large plate and bend it a little so the Peppermint Toads will fall out. Trim off the excess chocolate that may be around the bottom edges of the toads.


Cut out small pieces of bakers parchment to put under your Peppermint Toads so they don't melt onto your box.

Step 3: You're Finished

That's it! You're all done!

Please let me know what you think and share your creations in the comments below!

Thanks for viewing!

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