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About: DIY costuming all the way!

Well, I only have one really good picture of the finished thing, but here it is! i made this for an assembly at my school, it was a battle-LARP-thing, and I said "count me in!" and built this! The best part is that my friend made Coke armor and we fought in front of the whole assembly! I thouroughly whooped him, but he won't admit that Pepsi beat Coke! Haha, it took me six twelve-pack boxes, which cost me around $30 and a whole lot of time. I did manage to finish it in about three days though, just in time for the assembly! The shield is made from an old garbage can lid that I hand painted with acrylics. The rest is just the cardboard and hot glue and a few staples. The pic is of me right after the battle with Coke, so my shield is battle-scarred! Refresh!



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