Pera Light Switch

Introduction: Pera Light Switch

Hi there!

This is a really easy project just to cover a need I had. There was this light that I wanted to switch on and off from my bed without adding a new sitch to the wall or anything too slow. So I came up with this switch. In Catalan we call it "interruptor de pera" (pear switch) and with some extra wire and a plug I got my new switch.

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Step 1: Step 1: the Material

1 - Pear switch

2 - female power plug

3 - male power plug

4 - strip of 2 wire cable ( I took it form the power connetor of an old laptop, so I had the male and wire already joined)

5 - screwdriver, pliers and cutter

Step 2: Step 2: Connect the Female Plug

About 10 cm from the male plug cut the cover of the cable to get to the wires.

Take off an 8 cm loop of the wires.

Cut one of them in a half (I choosed the blue one)

Open the female plug and connect both ends to it.

Close the plug and that's all.

I added one calbe tie (unex) in order to keep the llop tight to the wire and strongly keep both blue wires together out of the plug.

Step 3: Step 3: Add the Switch

Last step of all.

Slid the cover of the switch to the cable.

Connect the two wires to the switch:

Be sure to connect the 2 positions that act like switch. Usually this switches have 4 screws to allow multiple switching.

Hold the screws, roll the cover and that's all.

Hope it's helpfull.

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