Percy Jackson's Sword


Introduction: Percy Jackson's Sword

Today guys I'm gonna teach you how to make Percy Jackson's sword. Materials: box paper scissors pencil duct tape

First instructable play nice. :D :D

Step 1: Step One

Draw the sword on paper

Ps sorry about bad pics no camera just phone

Step 2: Step Two

Ok now time to break out the cereal boxes
Yaaaaaaahhhh. :) :) :)!!!

So your going to need to use your drawing as a stencil and cut it out

Step 3: Step Three

Ok now let's do the handle with duct tape

Step 4: Done

Ok guys you got a sword!!!!



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    8 Discussions

    You could improve on this

    Just saying i'm making it right now, but I also took off of it and I made it 3D.Also, great instructable! I'd say there was room for improving on your instructables's but you've got a great start! keep going

    This is cheap crdboard

    No tahts not his sword

    Very nice! My kids would love to make their own Percy Jackson sword. I'll have to show them this. Thanks!