Perfect Bacon




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Step 1: Preheat

400 degrees on bake

Step 2: Prep

Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil

Step 3: Ready the Bacon

lay the bacon out

Step 4: 10 Minutes

Put sheet o' bacon in the oven. Set timer to ten minutes.

Step 5: Remove Bacon

Step 6: Flip Bacon

Step 7: Turn Sheet 180 Degrees

Step 8: Return to Oven for 7 Minutes

Step 9: Put Paper Towel Over a Plate

This is to absorb the grease and crisp the bacon up.

Step 10: Remove Perfect Bacon

Step 11: Place Bacon on Paper Towel

Step 12: Dab Bacon With Paper Towel

To remove grease from top

Step 13: Eat Perfect Bacon

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4 Discussions


5 years ago

Alton Brown places bacon on cookie rack on top of pan. Fat drips away from bacon. Place in COLD oven and set to 400°F. The slow heatup helps to render a lot of the fat away before it actually starts cooking. Much healthier than frying in own fat.


5 years ago

Yes absolutely the best bacon. So juicy and crispy at the same time. So full of flavour


5 years ago

I use this method but have found that parchment paper works better than foil.