Perfect Circle Tabletop From Regular 2x4s Using a Table Saw





Introduction: Perfect Circle Tabletop From Regular 2x4s Using a Table Saw

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This is an update to a video I did 6 years ago. This $150 has been used to cut thousands of circles and maybe 10 blade replacements in 5 years. ORIGINAL VIDEO IS HERE:



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    I'm starting to feeling like I've been punked. The more I think about it, it seems impossible for that straight blade to make such a tight curve like that. I believe you, I think, but ... this isn't April fools is it?

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    Real, the progressive raising of the blade creates a curved bevel on the outer cutaway piece. The inner stays smooth. It would not work as a one shot cut so the raising makes it possible.

    Then you should try making a round wooden bowl with a table saw:
    or a sphere with a circular saw:

    cool use of an old table saw. I'da never thought to do that. thanks for sharing the video

    Pretty cool. This goes well with your other video on the subject:

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