Perfect Desk for a Perfect Room

This is the perfect desk for a dream room. 

My dream desk would be a combination of an office/gaming station and a workshop.

The computer is the office/gaming station where i could work, play, and most importantly browse instructables :).

However, when it came to using this instructables as guides or to making my own instructables, i would need a workshop. I am new to CAD and struggled a little with the soft ware, this is why there are no workshop machines, just workshop space. However, the space they would be is clearly shown and I can help you visualize it by telling you what would be in that space if I could create it in CAD or if i had it in real life. 
My workshop would include;
A Soldering Station,
A Pillar Drill,
A Band Saw,
A 3D Printer,
A Raspberry Pi, 
A Tool Rach for all of my tools,

This is it, I hope that my lack of CAD skill doesn't put you off. 



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