Perfect Disposable Trash Can!




Introduction: Perfect Disposable Trash Can!

Don't waste $10 on a trash can for your dorm room when you can make your very own disposable trash can yourself

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Step 1: Supplies

go to your nearest convenient store and get your a case of beer/soda and ask for a plastic bag

Step 2: Cool Down Your Beverages

Nobody likes a warm drink. Put your drinks in the refrigerator or cooler. Open the box at the top end without tearing the box open.

Step 3: Place Your Bag Into the Empty Box

If you opened the box correctly then you can wrap the handles to bag around two of the flaps to hold the bag in place. Then push the big flaps into the box. This will act as a self closing lid!

Step 4: Throw Your Trash Into Your New Trash Can!

Step 5: Take Out the Trash

When you finally filled your new can. Use the handle on the side of the box to take out the trash with ease. Nobody likes ants!

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    i just did this for my vehicle.


    3 years ago

    What a fantastic second use idea. I will definitely be doing this during my next cookout.

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    And it is recyclable. Just put the empty cans in the box and toss the whole thing int he recycle bin.