Perfect Dress Using Tank




Hi there! I'm Ash and I am about to show you how to make YOUR perfect fit dress using your favorite tank top! In my guide I will be hand sewing seeing as my sewing machine broke when I started this project :( but that's ok!

Step 1: Using Your Tank Top As Your Pattern

OK! Step 1:

- Lay your chosen tank top on your fabric.
- Trace 1 inch around your tank top for the seam allowance, extending downwards about 3 feet seeing as you do not know how long you want your dress yet.

Step 2: Figuring Out Length and Hemming

To determine how long you want your dress to be first,

- Put both sides of your fabric together, making sure to leave the right side under the arm opening open so as you can slip the fabric over your head and stick your arms through.

- Once the dress is on, decide how long you would like it to be. Trim the excess length.

- Next, make a 1 inch hem at the shoulders and bottom of dress.

Step 3: Adding Your Zipper and Buttons

So as to get into your dress, I'v added a back zipper 9 inches in length. Then 3 buttons, spaced about 1 inch or less apart.

Step 4: Arm and Collar Band Time

Now to teach you how to make arm and collar bands, so as to cover the raw edges around the neck opening and arm opening.

- To start, cut 3 inch in width by 2 feet in length rectangles out of your fabric.

- Hem both the top and bottom of the fabric, as well as the sides.

- Fold one hemmed rectangle around and to the arm opening, pinning as you go. Do the same for the other arm opening and neckline.

Step 5: Decorative Collar, Sleeves, and Bottom Hem

Now is the time to add pizazz to your creation! I chose to add a decorative collar and bands to the collar, arm, and bottom hem area. To do this:

- Choose a lace fabric you like. Cut 2 strips of scalopped fabric of 2 and 1 half inches wide by about 3 feet.

- Pin fabric directly to collar, sewing until you get to the end. Do not tie or backstech yet. Rather, pull the end strings, ruching the material until the desired gathering is complete. Then knot the end strings together, securing your ends.

- For the arm opening do the same but do not gather fabric this time.

- For the bottom hem cut one strip a little more than 3 feet in length, from the cut not scalopped part of fabric. Pin directly to fabric and sew on.

Step 6: Finished Dress

All done! This is mine. Mine is gold with a silver blue collar, silver sleeves, and blue hem. This is the front and back. Have fun!



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    2 years ago

    You are brave doing this by hand! Hope your machine gets fixed soon! Great Ible! Pretty dress! Love pattern-less ideas! Welcome to the community.