Perfect Mitre Joints for Picture Frames




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I can often be a pain getting a tight joint when making picture frames and unless you have forked-out for a costly mitre guillotine, getting a 45 degree angle can be a pain.

this guide will walk you through how to create a basic picture frame.

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Step 1: Preparing Your Stock

prepare your timber by running it through the thicknesser, to make sure all your sides are the exact same thickness.

Step 2: Rough Cut Your Mitres

Use a compound mitre saw to cut your sides to the desired lengths. make sure you use an end-stop, because equal length is just as crucial as perfect angles.

Step 3: Tuning Up the Mitres

A low-cost solution for tuning your mitre joints is to attach a solid fence to the table of a disk sander.

Use a speed square to set this to 45 degrees and secure it to the t-slot with bolts and wing nuts.

You can make fine adjustments to your pre-cut mitres to achieve a perfectly smooth, sharp mitre.

Step 4: Check the Length

Lay out the parallel sides together to make sure that they are still the exact same length, as they will have changed length slightly through sanding.

I hope that this has been of some use to you, please comment and make suggestions.



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    2 years ago

    Back in my early- early days of woodworking I didn't have much power equipment so I learned to shoot miters with my bench plane and scrap stock:

    I never really gave it up either, even when I had many power tools, there was just something very satisfying about giving them a few licks with my bench plane and making a nearly invisible joint line. ☺