Perfect Recipe for Almond Tuiles




Almond Tuiles are delicious served plain

Ingredients ::

- Almonds 200 grams

- Sugar 4 tablespoon

- Butter 1 tablespoon

- Egg white 1

- All Purpose Flour 2 Tablespoon

Method :-

In a Large Bowl,

Add 1 Egg White

Add 4 Tablespoon Sugar

Add 1 Tablespoon Butter

Using a whisk, combine until Light and Fluffy

Now Add in 2 Tablespoon All Purpose Flour, Whisk until Smooth and Fluffy

Then mix in the Almond Flakes

Sprinkle All Purpose Flour on Baking Sheet

Take one spoon Batter and Spread into neat Round using the Back of Spoon

Leave Space Between Batter about 3 inches, apart on the prepared sheets

Preheat the Microwave to 180 Degrees

Bake until Golden & Crisp about 15 minutes

Delicious Almond Tuiles Ready!

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