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Introduction: Perfect Ribbon Flower

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I love accessories, flowers and ribbons. I've made a lot of ribbon flowers. They are inexpensive, cute, useful (hair accessories, clothes embellishments, etc) and fun to make.

But this one is my absolute favourite! It is really easy to make, you can add many layers to make it bigger, and there's no need to use a candle.

If you want something that looks amazing but with little effort, for a craft sale or something that requires lots of flowers this is the perfect one.

If you are looking for a kids friendly craft this one is perfect. It is really simple, it is perfect for practicing sewing, it doesn't require lots of pieces or fire to shape the petals.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

We´ll need:

Ribbon, the thicker the ribbon, the bigger the flower.

Thread, try to get the same color. I chose one that contrasted with the ribbon so that the pictures were clear.


A bead or button.

A hair clip or head band.

Step 2: Sew

Start by making a seam on one side of the ribbon, the size of the petals will be determined by how long this section is.

Fold the ribbon as shown in the picture to make it turn 90 degrees. Seam that fold and continue with a straight section the same length than the first one.

Step 3: Repeat

Make another 90 degrees turn and another straight section. The number of folds will be the number of petals.
As you see in the picture once you have 4 sections it should look like a square.

I made another one because I wanted a five petal flower.

Step 4: Ready for the Magic?

Now pull the thread and see how magically the flower forms.
Sew the two ends so that it closes.

Step 5: Add a Center.

Finally, with a bead, button or another piece of ribbon form the centre.
Good job, it's ready to decorate whatever you want.

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