Perfect Tomato Sandwich

Introduction: Perfect Tomato Sandwich

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As far as summer foods go, my family waits for berries and tomatoes. And one of the purest ways to enjoy a tomato is on a tomato sandwich. Simple, basic and humble. And ridiculously delicious.

I've tried many fancy variations, but I always come back to this simple version that really showcases the tomato. Give it a try - I bet you'll be hooked too.

Step 1: Good Ingredients

Start with a good, hearty sliced bread (though I have to admit, as a kid, we used white bread)

Fresh tomatoes, sliced thick - at least 8mm

Good mayonnaise, nothing flavored!


Step 2: Toast

Toast your bread on medium so that the bread is nicely browned, but has no burnt spots.

Then let it sit in the toaster to cool down and get more moisture out. Five minutes is usually good. (Sometimes this is when I slice the tomatoes.) If the bread is too hot, the mayo just melts in - not the plan.

When the toast is barely warm, spread a thin layer of mayo on each slice of toast. The amount is often a matter of personal preference, but you do need enough mayo to combine with the tomato juice into a yummy sauce.

Step 3: Ripe, Red Tomatoes

Lay your tomato slices on one slice of toast as evenly as possible.

Step 4: Season

Super basic - just salt.

Sprinkle more than you think you need (a very light, even coating). The salt brings out the sweetness of the tomatoes.

Step 5: Be Patient

Put on the 2nd slice of toast and press gently. Yes, some juice will squish out - I didn't say this was a neat sandwich - just very tasty! Now wait a few more minutes. In this time, the juice from the tomatoes, the mayo and the salt are combining into pure tomato deliciousness. The inside of the toast will be saucy and the outside should still be crunchy.

Now pour a glass of iced tea and enjoy!



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    Great Instructable! Straight forward, simple and to the point. I believe a good tomato sandwich truly is a cooking basics must-know.

    You have my vote!

    I would only emphasize that the tomato be vine-ripened. I am also one of those people that never put a vine ripe tomato in the refrigerator. Temperatures at less than 45F cause a reduction in volatile compounds in the tomato. One may not be able to tell if you just put it in a sauce (or sometimes even a salad), but the warmth of the toast will bring out those subtle flavors in amazing fashion!

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    wow! when I was little I used to make these with my dad! I thought we were the only ones that made them. I didn't know they were an actually thing!

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    Same with me. When I was a kid it's just what we did with the tomatoes from our garden. But it became a thing in my family and is one of my favorite foods. Happy summer!

    An easy way to cut cherry or grape tomatoes is to lay a layer on your cutting board. Then lay a plate on top, you then hold the plate firmly and slice between the plate and board. Volia. It's also usefull for cutting grapes.

    By the way, do you have any tips on how to make one with little tomatoes? I can't think of the exact name right now. they are bite sized. thanks anyways!

    My son often makes them with cherry tomatoes by cutting lots of little tomatoes in half. He has a lot of patience and likes knives : )

    Ah, the "Over the Sink Tomato Sammich"!

    If only we could get nice red, ripe tomatoes here in Tucson... it's very hard to find them like that here. Most are either hydroponic with little flavor, or under-ripe with no flavor. I totally miss Northern California sometimes!

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    One of my favorites! Also try with some fresh cracked black pepper if you haven't already.

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    My absolute favorite sandwich! So refreshing! Nice to see you using the good mayo too! And yes, you must let the bread cool! Nice job!

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    This looks fantastic! My wife has always peeled tomatoes when she makes a sandwich but I feel the skin has a lot of flavor. She also eats them over the sink because the sign of a good tomato sandwich is when the juice runs down your elbows!!

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