Perfect World for a Cobble Stone Generator Minecraft Pe

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A difficult world but you can get lava for a cobble stone generator

Step 1: Seed

If you don't know the seed I'm talking about the see is nyan

Step 2: Spawn

When you spawn in you will see the reason why this world will work for a cobble stone generator there are multiple lava falls,if playing in survival it is very difficult together to it but you will have unlimited cobble

Step 3: Genorator

A very simple but effective generator

Step 4: Final

that was it the Instructable for a seed for a cobble stone generator try it for you self build massive castle etc and stay awesome Byeeeeeeee

Step 5:

That was really bad Pixel art of my account name out of lapis ( because blue is awesome ) any way leave a comment if that was not that good Byeeeeeeee



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    Leave a comment if you like great big sea and if you don't still leave a comment