Performing Dissection of Frog



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Hey guys so recently schools opened up and this is what happened on the very first day of the school.

I performed the dissection of the frog. The commentary is by Hassan (One of my batch fellows). Please don't forget to Subscribe and hit the bell icon.

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Step 1: Dissecting the Frog.

You'll be provided dead or anesthetized frog by your teacher.Pin the frog onto the dissection board using thumb pins.Make a small longitudinal cut in the abdomen, being careful not to cut the inner organs. After this gently pull away the skin and use scalpel to cut it and then watch the inner anatomy of the frog.



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    Tip 9 months ago

    Just thought I'd put it out there for you squeamish folks, dissection does not have to be this bloody. If you get the kind of frog that has been soaking in formaldehyde for who knows how long, then there is zero blood. But then again, formaldehyde stinks like nothing else. Pick your poison I guess.