Peri Peri Quelling Rotator

Introduction: Peri Peri Quelling Rotator

This is completely made by quelling materials to rotate "peri peri Rotator" in clock wise and anti clock wise directions for Instructables quelling competition.

Materials Required

1. Quelling Needle

2. Acrluic Colours

3. Quelling Papers

4. Glue (Fevicol)

5. IceCream Stick

6. Crimper

7. Quelling sticks

8. Qulling Shapper

9. Glue Gun

10. Power Supply

11. Motor

12. Tyre

13. Voice controller Board

Step 1: Cylinder Making

Create cylinder by using Icecrem stick and Glue gun

S1: Set the icecream sticks in vertical position

S2: Fix another icream stick next to the exisiting stick

S3: Continue S1 and S2 procedur until a Circular Hollow Cylinder is formed

Now Your Hollow Cylinder is ready

Step 2: Wings (Gear) Creation

S1 : Fix five Icecream stick to form a pentagon shape

S2 : Choose the colour by your own choice

S3 : Glue the sticks to form pentagon

S4: Follow S1 to S3 for multiple wings

Step 3: Organizing Wings (Gear)

Once You have completed gear or wings , Check all wing size is same

Choose different colour papers at the borders for four side

Choose different colours to get great look

Step 4: Fixing Gear to Cylinder

S1: Choose uncoloured side to fix

S2: Fix a wing to cylinder using Glue Gun

Step 5: Complete the Gear System

Stick all the necessary gears to make perfect gearsystem

Step 6: Verifying Strength of the Gear

Once structure is made Check wther it works clearly and pasted clearly

Step 7: Cone Design

S1: Choose multiple colour paper and rotateto form circle

S2: Push the center to make it as cone

S3: Stick the edges to form clear shape

Step 8: Motor Fixing

Fix motor with a tyre to hollow cylinder as shown in the picture

Stick the tyre and cylinder using Glue Gun

Test the motor for rotation

Note: Glue Gun should not enter in to the Motor

Step 9: Identify Entire Structure

Identify the entire structure for clear Shape

Connect the voice controlled board to motor to control motor using Voice

Step 10: Final Product

Your Product Is complete

Check in Both Clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for rotation

Finally "Peri Peri Rotator " is ready....

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