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Hello Science & Chemistry fans. In this instructable I will show you how I made a full set of 120 of magnetic tiles.

Use: Decor. Fridge, file cabinet, any magnetic surface!

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Step 1: Print

The first thing I did was find a Periodic Table. I used a Wiki Periodic Table image since they are free to use without copyright :)

Next I printed the image onto magnetic paper. (Avery from Staples)

The image is the actual printout on magnet paper.

Step 2: Cut Out

After I printed the image I sprayed it with Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal - Clear Glaze to give the magnets some texture. *Use in well ventilated area

This can been seen in the close up picture.

Once the sheet was dry (2-3 minutes) I cut out each square.

Step 3: Decorate!

After all the squares were cut I tried them out on my fridge. The magnets turned out great!

Note: The magnets are thin so they are only recommended for decor purpose. The upside is having one of a kind educational magnets for friends and family to admire.

Geek out :)

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