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Introduction: Perler Bead Ring

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Hey everyone! Today i'm going to show you how to make a perler bead ring!

Step 1: What You Need to Make the Ring.

An iron, a small circle perler bead board, E-6000 which is an over night glue, a gold pearl striped perler bead, a sky blue striped perler beads, parchment paper (which is not in the picture), and a blank ring! [Mom says: you can find ring blanks at most craft stores nowadays. We use a cheap iron from WalMart, no water inside. We use E-6000 because it is a strong glue- hot glue will pop off after a couple days. The glue pictured here is black, but we usually use clear glue And obviously, you can use whatever colors of Perler beads that you want.]

Step 2: Add the Beads.

add the sky blue stripe beads onto the circle board and make it look like a small circle, and then put one gold stripe bead in the middle. this makes it look like a flower! Make sure your flower is big enough to cover the flat part of the ring blank.

Step 3: Iron the Beads.

get parchment paper and iron your perler beads.[Mom says: our iron is set a little lower than medium. Press down while you iron, and iron in a circular motion. When the beads are melted to your satisfaction, flip over and iron the back side as well. Let cool.]

Step 4: Glue on the Ring.

Use your glue to glue the ring onto the flower. Let it dry overnight. P.S. this glue is stinky!

Step 5: Your New Ring!

put on your beautiful new flower ring!



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