Perpetual Motion Machine

Introduction: Perpetual Motion Machine

See step 1 for intro

Step 1: What Is a Perpetual Motion Machine

Perpetual motion is motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy,theoretically!

A perpetual motion machine is a hypothetical machine that can do work indefinitely without an energy source

For more information check this link:

If we had one,we could have infinite energy without spending fossil fuel , nuclear or using wind, or solar power

It would be free energy....

Step 2: Does It Work?!

Well,unfortunately no :(

It violates first & second law of thermodynamic

But it never stopped people thinking how to build one, and not just thinking but they even tried to make it

If you do a google search for perpetual motion you'll seen thousand of ideas

Step 3: Here Is My Design

Step 4: How Does It Work?

I thought this idea

I thought that gravity and air pressure( caused by gravity too) can do this job

Air pressure and gravity are to forces that operate continuously but we are adept to them so we don't fell them

The pool is filled with water and it's linked with a pipe that goes up to vacuum chamber

So the air wants to fill every place and it makes pressure to the water pushing it up ( valve 2 is one way valve it allows water to go up but not down) and this water fill oval container ,when it reaches a certain lever Valve 1 closes the vacuum, and then technically the gravity will pull down the water thought valve 3,which lets water to go down but doesn't let air to fill the vacuum chamber

Thus the water goes again in the pool and valve 1 opens again, so it suck water again in oval container and falls down again and this cycle continuous,hopefully!?

Step 5: Where Is the Problem

The problem can be that water doesn't go down because there is no air to let water down, it's vacuum

So i thought to make larger tube as it seems in the design photo maybe the gravity will pull down it and defeat vacuum

I hope this projects was educating and I hope it will spark any idea into your brain

I didn't have money to put my project from design to reality but im wondering what you think about this project

I know what thermodynamics laws say

Am 18 year old now

And sorry for my English !




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    Perpetual motion/super-unity is an interesting concept. Perpetual motion is theoretically possible if you remove all friction (which is impossible, unfortunately) but super-unity (energy from nothing) isn't. Your machine would stop because: fluid friction at the valves and in the pipes will use your energy, mechanical friction opening and closing the valves, the valve seals wouldn't be perfect, and worst of all : the water would boil and destroy the vacuum! The lower the pressure, the lower the boiling point of everything. An absolute, theoretical, vacuum gasifies metal and will also draw air through the metal (nothing is impermeable). (I didn't know that until my dad told me about how tricky some of the things he'd worked on were, such as this test that involved a near-perfect vacuum)

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    if super unity as you explained it is imposible then so was the BIG-Bang as it currently is theorized....imposible to get something from nothing....;) i have my own theorys that excludes time itself from being born of the Big-Bang as the event needs a moment in time to occur first. that means time exited first before the event, meaning it wasnt the begining.

    hahaha you are so ... good one ;)

    Maybe only to work, would be to use 2 water tanks and switching valves on one vacuum tank- one then the other.

    the vacuum would neither pull water nor push water so this is an invalid theory like all "perpetual motion devices"

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    A Vacuum can indirectly cause force to something, and there is capacity to do some work, certainly not perpetually, because as work is done, the stored pontential energy is exasted and cant supply the force anymore.

    It's not that vacuum would pull or push water,but air pressure 101325 Pa would do that

    It would push water up to fill the vacuum

    If you replace valve 1 with a flow regulator then the design will work (if I understand it correctly), but as a vacume battry.

    Nope. There is nothing to push the water back out once it was drawn in because of the vacuum. The vacuum will get filled with water, and it will stay there, just lick cupping your finger over a straw in coke, and pulling it out. With your finger covering the top of the straw, gravity is not strong enough to pull the water out and recreate that vacuum. If it was, you would never be able to draw the water out of the cup with the straw like that.

    I love how this provokes thought. At roughly 29" HG of vacuum, the water will boil out of your vessel.

    Like many perpetual motion/free energy projects before, you've reinvented the wheel.
    heron's fountain in this case.
    Great thought exercise though! You should build one!