Perpetual Calendar 50 Years

This perpetual calendar can be used until 2050. Only use: 2 papers A4 (only have 2 layers)

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Step 1: Divide the Circle Into 42 Sections

Divide the circle into 42 sections from your computer, with size in 1 paper A4:

Circle 1 - 5: R=9, R=8, R=7, R=6, R=5cm

Step 2: Fill Month, Day

Do exactly as illustrated. In particular, a leap year, in January and February, colored red.

Green coloring of the month has 31 days.

Step 3: Very Easy to Use

Can use it for decoration on your desk. My youtube channel, guide traditional toys, there are 85 episodes. To find me, on youtube, search bar, type in: Vietnamese Toys

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