Personal Intergalactic Dimensional Rift Opener (PIDRO)

Introduction: Personal Intergalactic Dimensional Rift Opener (PIDRO)

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This is basically me really wanting a vortex manipulator from Doctor Who. I managed to get my hands on a wrist sized piece of metal, and my mind did the rest... Have fun!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:

-Thin metal
-Metal cutters
-Metal clamp (or pliers)
-Paint (acrylic or metal are best)
-Super glue
-Random small cool-looking junk
-Paint brush

Step 2: Cutting

Ok. So have your thin metal out in front of you. Get your cutters (sorry I don't know the name) and cut a straight line through the metal. Then cut another one near your first line depending on the size of your wrist.

Step 3: Bending

Now that we have our strip, let's make it wearable. If you have a clamp this will be very easy. If not, improvise. Place your metal underneath the clamp with the short edge facing you.

Bend at around 3cm intervals (again dependent on wrist size) until strip roughly resembles a circle or hexagon.

Make sure you can tighten it whilst still on your wrist.

Step 4: Painting

Grab your brushes and jars my friends for we are delving into the world of paint! Get some newspaper to place your band on and fill up a cup of water for your brushes. Squirt a small blob (you can put more on later) of paint with colour preference onto the newspaper away from everything else. If your brush is flat this will be much easier.

Wet the end of your brush and tap it gently against the rim of the cup. Then start painting the band with the paint in vertical strokes until the entire outside is covered. You can use multiple colours if you want. Painting the inside is completely up to you as well. Now leave it there to dry and start to pick your goodies!

Step 5: Decorating

Once the band has dried, you can start to place your decorations on it. First plan what and where you'll put things on it, then make sure they all fit.

Now grab your superglue and prepare to stick. Be careful because superglue can be very dangerous if it gets on you and then you touch something else straight after. If you get superglue on your fingers, don't panic, but quickly move to the nearest tap and pour cool water on it for 30-60 seconds. You'll have a weird glaze on your finger tip for a while but otherwise you'll be fine.

Ok. Aim the tip at the thing you want to glue and gently squeeze the tube until glue comes out and don't be too generous or it'll drip everywhere. Once you've put the glue on, firmly place the object where you want it for about 10 seconds. Do that for all of them and you have finished your vortex manipulator. Congratulations!

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