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This Instructable is about creating a Laser cut box for personal uses.

Step 1: Get Everything Needed to Start Project

By "getting everything you need" I meant the materials, measurements, and plans to start the project successfully. For example, I wrote out my plan for my box the included a sketch of the item I'm creating, measurements and the reason I'm making it along with what it will be used for. Meaning you would have to figure all those things out before you start your project. This step is simply preparation for creating your box. Below is an example layout for how you can organize your box info. It's quite simple...

Make sure and describe the use of your box in very descriptive terminology.

Description of Artifact: Top View of the box:


Front View Side View


Step 2: Start the Building Process

To start the building process you should have the following things

  • A laser cutter
  • A flash drive
  • Measurements for box
  • A computer (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Wood
  • Wood glue

Without all these things this project will not successfully be complete. However, if all those things are there your first step will be to visit this box design website that will create the box for you as a PDF. All you must do is plug in the measurements from the pan sheet.


Step 3: Building Process

Your next step requires your flash drive and computer.

After you've entered your measurement into box designer and received the PDF of the boxes you open another site that will be linked below. At this site, you will design your box in whatever decoration you please and change this around to fit what you want. The only required activity at this step is to delete the words at the bottom of the Gravit page (under your design).

  • To start your design in the first place you need to press the button on the top right corner of the Gravit page that says USE IT ONLINE.
  • After that, you get brought to another age that gives options for what kind of project you wanna start. You simply press CREATE at the top.
  • After this, you are brought to your empty canvas where you'll press FILE in the top left corner
  • The next step is to press OPEN FILE which should bring up the file screen from your computer. Then is when you select your PDF from box design.
  • The last step is to delete the tiny words that appear at the bottom when your design pops up and to customize your box

Step 4: Building Process

The next part of the building process is more complicated

You'll need

  • A Flash drive
  • A computer
  • A laser cutter

The first step involves that file that was in the process in the last step.

  • In the top left corner under FILE, the word EXPORT at the bottom of the list needs to be clicked
  • The option of a type of export wanted will pop up, press SVG FILE (this will save it into your computer)

*This next step involves the app Adobe illustrator*

  • Pull up Adobe Illustrator and pull out your SVG file
  • After it's pulled up choose the selection tool that's in the toolbox
  • Click on the line of one of your shapes
  • Right-click then press "release clipping mask"
  • Select the same line
  • Right-click then un-group
  • Then select the background (Frame of the file) and delete it
  • After all of these are done*
  • Click FILE in the left corner of the screen and press SAVE AS
  • The convert the SVG to a Ai file
  • Then save to your flash drive

Step 5: Last Building Step

This next step is simply Laser cutting your box and gluing it together

You'll need:

  • Laser cutter
  • Flash drive
  • Wood Glue
  • Sander
  • Wood


  • By using the computer hooked to the Laser cutter, Plug in your Flash Drive
  • Use the Cutting system and adjust your file to get ready to print
  • Put your wood in
  • Print your box

The gluing process

  • Put a dot of glue in each crease of the box
  • Do one side at a time and hold it for at least 45 seconds
  • After the whole box is put together, Let it sit for 24 hours then sand all the corners and sides that are rough or have dry glue on them

Step 6: Final Product

(Recommended by viewer)

Step 7: (Extra) Decorations!!

For this step, you'll need:

  • Spray paint
  • Laser cut box

In this last step, I simply spray painted my box gold. While spraying the paint the best way to get no drips and to make the box look clean is to:

  • Step back while spraying
  • Move rapidly across and up & down
  • Add coats



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    3 Discussions


    3 months ago on Step 5

    All of the pictures make this more interesting, and the step by step instructions are very descriptive.


    3 months ago on Step 1

    I like how you started with explaining that you should draw your design first. It's really easy to read, yet it's still really detailed. I like how you included links to the different websites!

    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 months ago

    Do you have a picture of the finished box you made? I'd love to see it :)