Personal Self Defense Tazer!

Introduction: Personal Self Defense Tazer!

This is a small handheld tazer that is intended for self defense in cases of assault, robbery etc. Read on for how I built this device in half hour and under 16usd.

This is a high voltage output device and is potentially lethal. This is not a toy and is only for use in a life threatening situation. Do not use tazers for entertainment purposes. They are excellent as a quick getaway device without the need for bloodshed.

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Step 1: The Parts.

The parts needed are:

-high voltage module.
-pvc pipe or tubing.
-double battery holder for AA cells.
-pushbutton switch.
-silicone adhesive.
-contact cement.

Step 2: The High Voltage Module.

This is the heart of the tazer. It accepts 3 to 6v and outputs around 20kv. The input current is around 1.2Amp. The entire module is epoxy sealed and very cheap off

Step 3: Getting the Module Into the Pvc Holder.

The pvc holder I used has screw caps with rubber grommets. I put a grommet on the high voltage side of the module and screwed the cap in to hold the module captive. The DC input leads are accessible from the inside of the pvc holder.

Step 4: Wiring the Supply.

The batteries holder and momentary switch I soldered together and insulated with electrical liquid tape.

Step 5: Sticking on the Switch.

I used contact cement to glue the switch onto the battery holder.

Step 6: Quick Test!

Wow! Loud crackling and extremely bright arcing! Excellent.

Step 7: Preparing the High Voltage End.

Trimming the long output leads I filled the area with black silicone adhesive.

Step 8: Preparing the Switch End.

I cut the grommet in half and put silicone adhesive between it and the switch. I screwed on the cap and now the tazer is mechanically complete.

Step 9: Completion!

Depressing the switch will turn on the tazer. It whines audibly when active. In the last pic you can see the ionization of air as it arcs off to metal. Quite powerful!

Now my pocket tazer is ready for service that hopefully will never materialize. However it is best to be prepared than to fight desperately for your life.

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