Personal Sitting Table - Made @TechShop!

Introduction: Personal Sitting Table - Made @TechShop!

About: Maker/Inventor-thing [NYC x SF]

Real Step 1: Get your sustenance!

-Scrap Wood, lots of it (your local techshop should have a pile ready for the pickins')
-Screws/Nails/Whatever holds stuff together
-Varnish (if you want)

Step 1: Measure!

How high do you want your table to be when you sit?
Mine was 15''

Step 2: Find What You Need!

Analyze the situation
Think about what you need to balance Form/Function
Find it!

I went for some things to support and reinforce the structure

Step 3: Clamp/Start to Put It Together

Square Vices make things super convenient!

(the wood I used for the legs were a pretty thin but I made it work ;)

Step 4: What Else Do You Want?

I put on a back piece and started making a lil' shelf in the back :D

Step 5: Finish Up & Varnish!


Step 6: Put It in Your Room & Put $#!% on IT!

"Imagine the impossible. Because if you can Imagine, you can Believe. And Belief is the start of Creation."

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