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This is a speaker device made for any sound device. EX.: Ipod.
It is not as simple to make as it looks. For this creation I used two speakers I got out of an old radio. As you can see I made this speaker out of a beer box. To make the hookup safe but simple I bridged the two speakers to one amplifier. It works great with my Ipod. I tried to make the design cool. I used an old harmon cardon amp from a pair of computer speakers. I get a good amount of bass from the box.

Thanks for looking!

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Step 1: What You Need

For this project you will need...

1. Glue gun with glue stics (obviosly!)
2. Exacto knife
3. Two speakers 1 small woofer about 3/12" (The woofers optional
4. A box (I suggest beer box) Extra cardboard.
5. A lablor (Instructions on last page)
6. Screws
7. Solder gun and solder

Step 2: Operation

Okay you've got this far...

Now pick up your knife and cut a whole for the speaker. Cut the whole a little smaller than the speaker so you can fit the screws in. To help be acurate trace the speaker with a pencil or eraceable pen. Cut the whole inside the circle. Now its time to plug in your hot glue guns and get it warmed up!

Step 3: Installation

Okay now that you cut the hole in the box its time to put the speakers in! But before you put the speakers in you must bridge the two speakers together. Back to the cutting. Line the speakers up with the hole. Once they are lined up start putting the screws in. BUT BEFORE YOU PUT THE SCREWS IN PUCH LITTLE HOLES THROUGH THE BOX FROM THE BACK TO SEE WHERE TO PUT THE SCREWS IN. This should help. After you screw the screws in (from the front) take your hot glue gun and put glue over te screws. DO THIS IN THE BACK OF THE BOX! Then put a little glue around the edges of the back of the speaker. The glue will help the speaker stay attached to the box. After that you are done with the installation of the speakers.

Step 4: Installing the Amplifier

Now that the speakers are in you need a amp to power the speakers. I cant explain how to hook up the amplifire because it would sound really complicating. If you boght an amp it should come with instructions on how to solder the wires on. After you have soldered on the wires its time to install. Now you have to take the knobs off of the amplifire. Do this by giving the knob a tug. They should then come out. Cut a whole in the top of the box the size of the knob without the knob tips on. Once you do that you should have holes so the knobs can fit through. Now what you have to do is take A piece of cardboard (as shown below) And hot glue the cardbord a little bit under the knob wholes, enogh so the knobs on the amp will be able to still fit through the holes in the box. This is what will support the amplifire so it doesn't fall. Now carefully glue the amp to the support for the amp. Put the glue carefully on the edges of the amp so it will hold it to the support. Make sure the glue doesent make any contact with any wire or solder on the amp. Some amps will have holes in them to screw them down to a platform, if yours does screw it on the cardboard support. It should stay nice and snug on the cardboard support.

Step 5: Check It Out! :-)

YAY YOU'RE FINISHED! :-) Now make shure that everything is connected and connected properly. Once you do that it should work perfectly. Now put on you favorite song and start jamming!

Congrats you finnished the project. And hopefully it looks great!

Now what are you still doing on the computer, start playing with your new beer box speaker!

PS. If you would like to make the box look even cooler take your labelor and lable bass port. Put it above each hole where your fingers are supposed to go in the beer box.

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    9 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I used an old amp from a set of computer speakers and hooked it up to 2 speakers from a $20 dollar sub woofer. The computer speakers amp it hooked up to 2 9 volt batteries. It's very loud and works with no distortion :)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Oh it sounds beautifull. I also added a subwoofer by making a plate that would fit snug in the box, then cut a hole in the plate for a woofer, and put the plate inside near the handle hole. It was complicated, and it is nice without it. Just use some nice speakers. (The ones I used were from a radio.)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    yea not bad it looks sweet i got my miss to sew some camo covers on my speakers they look sweet aswell i think i mite av a go at making one of yours aswell you can never have to many speakers lol


    11 years ago on Introduction

    "cut a whole for the speaker"?
    Other than the spelling, I love the idea and the execution of the whole thing.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Well i got the amp out of an old pair of hardon carmon speakers, But it dosnt really matter what type of amp you have as long ans it can power the speakers to the max. If you have any amp from an old radio or something you will be set. Just make sure that it will fit in the box. If you have any other questions i will be more than happy to answer them Thank for commenting, master


    12 years ago on Introduction

    You have a nice taste for beer , man , Mexican beer it's pretty good , or it isn't?