Personalised Money Clip

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Got a 3D printer? Got someone with money? Make them a personalised money clip! This could be a quick and easy last-minute gift for somebody, or even something for yourself. Since it's personalised and it can say whatever you want it to say, the possibilities are endless.

This clip is designed around simplicity, with a touch of uniqueness. The ridges inside the clip help to grip the money when your cash stack is running at an all time low.

This money clip was created in Cinema4D and is for the Money Clip Challenge contest. If you enjoy this little project, be sure to vote for it. Also subscribe to be notified when I bring out new stuff!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea! Seems you have gone further than just making a money clip, you have PERSONALISED a money clip ;). Great work and when accepted in the contest let me know and I will vote! =D