Personalised Photo Phone Cover





Introduction: Personalised Photo Phone Cover

Today I'm going to show you how to make a unique phone cover, that can be changed as often as you feel for minimum cost.

Step 1: Legal Bit

Before we start, I should point out that all pictures are subject to copywrite laws. Ensure you have the photographers permission to use it. Ok that's me and Instructables covered, so we shall begin.

Step 2: Bits and Pieces

You will need:

Your mobile phone.

Clear gel case to fit.

Your photo.


Craft knife/scissors

Step 3: Creating a Template

To ensure your photo will fit you need to create a template.

I used the card packaging that came with the cover.

Draw through the case where your phone's camera and microphone /speaker are.

Using a craft knife cut out the apertures.

Remember to put this template in a safe place so you can change the photo with minimum fuss.

Step 4: Marking Your Photo

Place the template on your photo, positioned so that the apertures don't cover an important part.

Mark the apertures, and border with your pen,

Cut out with the craft knife/scissors.

Step 5: Completion

Place the photo over the back of your phone, line up the apertures with the phones camera etc.

Press the gel phone cover onto the phone, and there you have it, a unique phone.



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    6 Discussions

    This is such a clever idea! I just got my sons new phones and now I will be getting them gel cases too.

    1 reply

    Simple is always best, and your low-tech, but really COOL, brainchild to bring such unfettered technology back to a more personal and charming plane is just so needed in our modern world. I have my first smart phone coming this week and guess what I'll be doing with it! THANK YOU!

    1 reply

    Few people print out photos anymore. This is a nice reminder that we can still do that! Updating family/pet/vacation photos is fun to do on our screen but also on our case. Well done Instructable! Voted.

    1 reply