Personalize Your Case

Introduction: Personalize Your Case

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Here i will show you how i turned an ordinary clear case into your own personalized goodies

To be honest this is the first time i've tried anything like this. LOL so i did make a few mistakes.

Hope you enjoy!

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Short story: my boyfriend bought me personalized pillowcases with this exact picture on it.=]  so i thought i'd make him a version for his Nintendo3DS.

- Clear Plastic Case (or colored, up to you)
- A picture you want to paint onto the case
- Acrylic paint
- Paint brush
- Clear acrylic sealer
- Tape
- Water and tissue(optional)
- Tooth picks(optional)

Step 2: IMAGE

Print out and cut the image you want and tape it underneath the case.  check to see if the picture needs to be arranged or positioned differently then now you can copy the image on top. Make sure you clean the areas thoroughly before painting.

Simple as that.

Buuut not for me, i pretty much have no skill whatsoever in the painting department and messed up quite a few times.4

But don't fear, if you mess up just use a tooth pick to clean up any lines or wipe it away while it is still wet.

if your image needs two coats go ahead and give it two.

Step 3: DRY TIME

Once you are finished painting, fix any minor bloopers and wait till its dry.

once it's dry spray with a sealant to protect your image/words/work.=]

i sprayed about 4 coats, waiting up to 10 minutes between each coat

wait till its all dry and then you are done!

Hope you guys enjoyed this 'ible and try it out too.=]

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