Personalize Your Guitar

Introduction: Personalize Your Guitar

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A creative way to use your guitar like a canvas. I bought several "cheap guitars" from some pawn shops and turned them into bass ukes, madolins, and many more things. The things you can do with Modge podge are endless.

You will need:

Guitar (Duh)
Sand paper (sanding sponge recommended)
And the materials you will be decorating it with.

Step 1: Choose Your Layering

In this case I used old Dia De Muertos cards and this arranged them in the order it wanted them to be in


here's where it gets fun: tile by tile, sheet by sheet place each with an individual layer of Modge podge. Modge podge is a sealant that works like glue and dries hard and clear like a form of poxy. Try your best to hold down the material in case it curves upward but don't worry it will automatically stick to the body and surrounding areas. Cut the excess material off the body. Doesn't have to be perfectly cut now, that's what sanding is for in the next step.

Step 3: Finish Up!

Sand off in a downwards motion with the guitar body on your lap (or table) facings upwards on the edges to eliminate small residue and left over edges. Repeat a few more layers of podge and a final coat of water-based lacquer if need be. Sand a bit on the body before each layer and done!

Also! If you have cigar boxes laying around you can make the pick guard from the wood sheets that usually are supplied in them.

Have fun with your personalized guitar

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