Personalized Afgan

Introduction: Personalized Afgan

I made this afghan as my husband's college graduation gift. I took me exactly 5 months to make this 7' x 6' afghan. I created the pattern using Paint program on my computer. I used Red Heart Yarn, a size F crochet needle, and double crochet throughout. If I would do anything differently, I would have used a larger sized crochet needle and a better quality yarn.



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    What a great Afghan! It's something to really treasure in the years ahead.

    It's absolutely gorgeous and flawless! How did you make the pattern in paint? (I'm on a quest for creating my own patterns; diagrams, because I am quite awful at trying correctly on graph paper.) The diagonal line down the center is flawless; I love it!

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    I'd hate to give it all away, but...find the image you like, zoom in, select to show the gridlines. Depending on what you are making and the type of stich, gauge the stich per square. (I make 4 double crochet stiches in an inch) Each stitch is a square. You also need to know how big the item is going to be and what kind of yarn you are going to use. There are many variables. Key word: patience I hope this helps.

    Thank you! That was very kind to share, thank you. I've been trying to make a great personalized afghan for a friend, and I have designs in mind but I need a gridded pattern for my desired outcome, and that definitely helps me out. I can stop searching for cross stitching patterns now!