Personalized Backpack; Spray Paint & Stencil Style

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If you have one of those bland, boring, bleh' backpacks, then why don't you make it your own? With some items around the house, you can make a great pack that is both creative, and cool.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

To create the perfect back pack for you, you need a couple of supplies.

1. A back pack (duh.) - Preferably plain, with few designs.
2. Spray Paints - They can be any color or colors you want.
3. Stencil (Optional) - Look online. Any search engines will list a bunch of sites where you can print and cut out the stencil.
4.Painters tape or Weights (Optional) - I used some metal screws and bolts as a weight to hold down the stencil.
5.Creativity, Time and Imagination - Helps A LOT with these kinds of projects.

Step 2: Prepping the Pack

In order to ready the back pack for painting, you will need to take a few precautions.

1. Make sure you paint it outdoors or on some kind of tarp. You don't want to get paint all over the living room floor.
2. Close all of the zippers. Usually bags today have flaps to cover the zipper. Put those on to sheild them from the paint.
3. If you want to (I highly recommend it), put a coating of primer on before the paint. This way, any designs wont get in the way of the colors.
4. If your doing a stencil, you should put it on the front pocket, stuff a piece of card board into the pocket so create a flat surface. Do this before painting so that you wont get paint on your hands.

Step 3: Paint Away!

Now for the fun part. This has to be the most creative of the steps, as you get to pick all of the colors and such to paint on your bag.

1. Pick your colors. They can be any combination you want, or any single color you want. Just make sure it had the right tone of your personality. Like if your goth, heavy blacks and dark blues or purples can work. Emo, blacks and reds. Fruit cocktail, pinks and yellows. These are just examples of the many things you can do.
2. Shake your paints well! Very well! EXTREMELY well! Or else!
3. Spraying time! If your doing two different colors, then make sure you spray evenly. Don't make less yellows then reds, or vice versa, because that's just plain racist. Just kidding! But really, colors have feelings to.
4. Make sure you spray every inch of that pup!

Step 4: Stencil Time

This is an optional step, so you don't have to do it. But stencils are a very cool touch to your bag. Here's a link to a good site for stencils:

1. Find your stencil. Make sure it reflects off of you. Or if it looks cool.
2. Copy the image and put it in MS paint or photoshop. Crop it so that it can fit on the front of your back pack easily.
3. Print it out on printing paper. With a knife, cut out the design. Make sure you do this on a paper or artificial surface, so you don't scratch up anything important.
4. Put in in place, and put the painters tape or weights on the sides.
5. When spraying, don't change angles much or get it on any other parts of the bag.
6. Spray it lightly about three times, after each time let it dry for about thirty seconds. That way it wont get all wet and drippy (A dripping effect is cool if you want).

Step 5: Let It Dry & Some Tips

Leave it in a good place to draw. Indoors or in a garage is good, but outside if okay in high temperatures.

Tips: * Test out the zippers a few times to make sure they still work. Sometimes the paint can make them harder to zip.
  • The better the paint, the better quality it will dry. It can last for a very long time with a good brand.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Instructable as much as I enjoyed making it. Have fun with your new back pack and tell your friends about it!



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    3 Discussions


    you look stoned in step 3. just saying

    nice idea but you would be better off using material paints/ dyes.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This seems like a great idea for those of us who walk/hike at night.
    Why, oh WHY! do the bleeping camping catalogs insist on selling backpack that are the same "hit me with your car please" dark grey, black, and navy blue?


    9 years ago on Step 5

    ok 2 questions 1 wat brand of paint did you use and 2 how long until the paint fades away