Personalized Bracelet With Needle Tatting.




Introduction: Personalized Bracelet With Needle Tatting.

About: I'm an artist who loves making pretty things! I have a gorgeous chocolate lab who accompanies me on hair-brained projects. I love the beach and I love crafting.I also run a crafting blog and and an etsy shop.

I wanted to project that was very basic, for my friends and others to follow. I also enjoy, combining several techniques from other things I have made, This bracelet was quick,  easy to make and also personalized. I am still obsessed with fact I can stamp on clay. the possibilities are endless I am growing small stamp collection. I also plan on making a few for my friends,

The bracelet uses a basic ring and chain method for needle tatting. The clay focal is very easy make.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

Polymer Clay
Alphabet Stamps
Archival Ink pad
6 Beads
3 Jump rings
1 Lobster Claw Clasp
Size 10 Crochet thread

Pasta Machine or Acrylic rolling pin
Bamboo Skewer
Size 5 Tatting needle

Step 2: Making It Personal!

1. Run the clay through pasta machine on its widest setting.

2. Carefully slice out a rectangle that measures 1/2 inches, by 2 inches, this however can be shortened or lengthened to fit the desired name, word or initials..

3.At the ends of the rectangle take the bamboo skewer and poke two holes into the clay.

4. Ink up the stamps and carefully stamp the name or initials into the clay. 

5. Prep clay for baking, preheat the oven to the proper temperature for the clay. 

6. Take the foil and make slight arch in the foil, this is so that it will bake slightly curved to fit the contour of your wrist.

7. Bake it off and let it cool!

Step 3: Needle Tatting

Thread 1 half of the beads on the crochet cotton.

The pattern

1. R 5 p 5 close and knot

2. Slide bead down on the thread

3. Josephine Chain of 40, A Josephine chain is a twisted stitch.Using only one half of a double stitch , Loop around your needle 40 times, you can twist you stitches every 15 or so. then pull through and Slide on another bead,

4. Josephine chain again 40, slip the final bead on.

5. R 6 p [add lobster claw ] 6 close and hide the ends of you thread.

6. Repeat steps again for the other side of the bracelet

NOTE** you may have to add more or less stitches, to fit your wrist, for Josephine chain.

Step 4: Assembly

1. Open jump ing with pliers and slide through the picot of the tatted ring and then clay name tag.

2. Close the the jump ring

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other half.

Now its ready to wear!! Enjoy!

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