Personalized CD Case

Here is the basic concept for making a personalized CD case for your special someone. 

Materials needed:
Paper - cardboard, construction, or cereal boxes.
Scissors- Exacto Knife

Step 1: Applying Concept

So I used cardboard paper for my project and I decided to make my CD case hold four CDs.  You can build bigger or smaller depending on your specifications.  It wasn't too hard. I use an Exacto Knife to cut the slots.  Then I measured with a ruler the length of the cut to ensure my flap could fit.  For the extra flap, I measure the distance from one end to the other end.  Every block square should be the same length and height.  For the center fold I put extra folds.  I put lines for help me out for this about 1/8" apart for each fold.  The outer folds were just plain simple folds.  I put extra work in the middle fold to make it more block like you would see on a regular album. 

Step 2: Extra Aesthetics

You can put designs if you like on the back of the paper to make it look better.  Unless you like it the way it is. 



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