Personalized Laser Cut Shaving Stand




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My friend Young Jun and I saw this wood shaving stand on Pinterest and decided to recreate it:

- One piece of 1/4 inch thick wood that you can cut with the laser, at least 3 inches x 14.5 inches long

- Wood stain

- Wood glue


- laser cutter


Step 1: Laser Cutting

My laser cutting file has YJ in it for Young Jun, but you can substitute with your own personalization. You'll also want to measure your shaving brush and make sure that the smallest part is small enough to fit into the holder, and the widest part is large enough to sit above the holder. You can check your measurements but cutting onto cardboard or some other cheap material first. I edit my files with Inkscape, which is free.

Once you are happy with your file, cut it on the laser cutter! Be sure to engrave the letters and cut the rest.

Step 2: Stain Your Wood

We stained our wood after we glued it together and really regret it, because we couldn't get stain evenly into the inside corners. You should stain your wood now. Let dry.

Step 3: Glue and Assemble

Now it's time to stick the pieces together with wood glue! There's a top, side, and bottom piece. Depending on your laser cutter, you may notice that the bottom side of the cuts have more burn markings than the top. We were careful to hide the side with more burn markings on the inside and underside of the project.

Put glue on the inside of the finger joints. Make sure that the finger joints are interlaced as tightly as possible, and that the bottom is parallel to the top. Let dry, and your shaving stand is finished!



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    2 years ago

    could you consider a Straight Razor. I have not found anything for a Straight Razor.