Personalized Magnets!

Introduction: Personalized Magnets!

This Instructable is about how to make personalized magnets with just paper, a printer, a computer, glue, and magnets! This is really easy and cute. You can put flowers or other random things instead of these "stickers" for even cooler things! YOU NEED: a printer with ink. Paper. A computer. Glue: I did a glue stick and a hot glue gun, but it's best to just use the hot glue gun. Magnets.

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Step 1: Get the Pictures.

NOTE: the pictures on the magnets are not mine. I found them from google. This step: go find pictures! Pretty much any picture will work. It's better if it's circular because it will cover the magnet better. Print the pictures off and step one is done!

Step 2: Getting the Pictures to Not Be Floppy!

The next step is exactly as it is named. You make the pictures not be floppy. This requires cardboard or card stock. You glue the paper in it and cut it around the picture! You could have also laminated the picture of you are fancy like that.

Step 3: Gluing to Magnets

This is the last step! You hot glue the sticker to the magnet and you are done!

Step 4: Finished!

Now you have made your own magnets! You can add things like stick on gems, glitter, or little plastic trinkets to make them even better. I added some gems to mine and I love it. Good luck!

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