Personalized Super Mario ? Block With GIMP

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Super Mario games are awesome. If you disagree, you suck. If you don't know what Super Mario is, climb out of the cave you live in and buy a N64- or a Wii, or a DS, or a GBA- Mario has dominated Nintendo.
Anyways, wouldn't it be awesome to have a ? block of your very own- with your name on it?


Yes, I know.
And it's pretty easy, if you can operate GIMP/Photoshop, and even if you are a n00b.

All you need is...
this picture

So what are you waiting for? GO TO THE NEXT STEP!!!

Step 1: Change the Color & Ditch the ?

The first (and easiest) step of this is to copy and paste the picture into GIMP.

...Done yet?

Ok, good.

Next, click colors>colorize, then change the hue to whatever you want. I chose purple for mine and my brother's is green. Then, use the eyedropper tool to select the color surrounding the ? and paint over the ? so it is blank. Now... the words... GO TO THE NEXT STEP!!!

Step 2: The Shadow

This would be a lot easier if there wasn't a shadow.

OK, make a text box and write what you want to- your initials, your name, yadda yadda. Make sure that the text is black, all caps, and not in the very center- remember, it's a shadow. not the main text.
Next, click filters>blur>pixelize and set the length/width at 5. Next, zoom up (hold ctrl and scroll up) and fill the entire letter with black so there's no transparency. Sometimes the selection gets a little screwy, so clean stuff up with the eraser tool. Copy that layer. Merge the shadow down... THEN READ THE NEXT STEP!!!

Step 3: The Actual Text

Use the eyedropper tools to select the color outside of the text, the darker of the two colors. Then, paste the layer that I told you to copy. Move it over the black text so it looks like it has a shadow. Then, fill in each letter with the color from the eyedropper with the bucket fill.

This is my third instructable, 2nd gimp instructable. Thanks for reading!



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    I dont think the Title is approprate, Well the last letter if you know what it means. You should change it along with your other instructable

    if you know how to program then you can redo your computer to be mariofied...imagine controlling a mario/luigi/yoshi/whatever you want to work your computer programs...