Personalized DeadPool Mouse Pad

Introduction: Personalized DeadPool Mouse Pad

Ever thought your workspace or computer area was to dul well personilize it with these few simple steps. Since I thought my area was to boring I personalized my mouse pad by putting the logo of my favorite super villan DeadPool. But you can do this to more then just your  mouse pad you can do it to all kinds of stuff in your area. 

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Step 1: Things You Will Need

You will need:
Mouse Pad,
Paint brush or some thing else to spread paint,
folder or card board,
xacto knife (oppional),
ruler if you need strait lines,
and fan (opptional and no picture)

Step 2: Step One

Now lets begin grab you folder and draw what you want to put on your mouse pad make sure it is a size to where it will fit on your mouse pad. Now cut it out this will be you stencile. Once you have cut it out you might want to put some tape on it so that it does not warp once your paint is on it. Make sure it will fit your mouse pad and figure out how you will position it.Tthen move on to step two.

Step 3: Step Two

Now tape down the stencile to the mouse pad and paint on a few coats. Set your fan up so it will blow down and set your mouse pad under neath this will be your drying station.Let it dry and paint on more coats till you have the right color. Let it dry and your done. If you want yours to look a bit more rugged like I did just let some of the paint seep under the stencile.

Step 4: Your Done!

See just that simple.
Thanks for reading. 

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