Personalized Notebook With Duct Tape



Introduction: Personalized Notebook With Duct Tape

Notebook is easily available at almost every store. But you can never get a notebook, that no one else have other than you. But now you can easily make it just using duct tapes.

This is really a very simple project. And all that you need are - 
  1. Duct Tape of two different colors (Choose a mono color duct tape and zebra or spotted leopard or even hot rod print designed duct tape)
  2. A sharp pointed knife.
  3. Measuring board.
  4. Your notebook (A Must I guess!!!)
  5. Marker For labeling your notebook

Step 1:

First you need to cover the front side of your notebook using your base color duct tape. Try to choose any mono colored base, as it will later help you in labeling the notebook.

Here I have used Violet colored for the entire coverage.

Step 2:

After you complete covering the front side of your notebook, it is time to decorate the front side using the PATTERN duct tape. You can do it with any design you like, but as this is just a mere tutorial to give the idea, I am making it simple.

Tip - You can even personalize it by cutting flowers or different shapes from your PATTERN tape. But be sure that you are using any non stick scissor, otherwise you may land with sticky gooey problems.

Step 3:

Trim off the extras to give a perfect finish look.

Tip - you can even fold it inside to give a bordered look. However I used a non stick scissor and trimmed it off.

Step 4:

And Finally ...

You are done with your personalized notebook. Label it and use it :)

This is a School Duct Tape project, and I learnt it from my sis, who is just in 6th Standard. So I think anyone can do it and have fun studying!!

Please let me know if you make it...

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