Personalised USB Flash Drive

About: We, together sister and brother, run a family owned business. We print personalised usb flash drives and keychains. This manufactory is settled in Hungary, Europe. We provide worldwide delivery.

This "I♥YOU" USB Flash Drive is a perfect gift for somone you love. Store and cherish your photos, romantic music collection, or a nice movie.

You even can personalize the "I♥YOU" text here at or order a suitable memory stick from 4 GB up to 32 GB. Worldwide delivery. Just contact us in email! We are a Family owned business operating in the middle of Europe.

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Step 1: Set Up Your 3D Printer

Download attached stl file.

Set up your 3D printer with pink PLA or you can choose a different color of course.

No support is needed. Resolution is min . 0.3 mm, Infill is 15%.

Step 2: Stick USB Memory Stick in With a Glue

When the printing is ready, it takes approximately 30 mins, stick the USB memory into the printed case.

If you would like to order suitable case you can contact us at Also you can buy here black cartoon gift box and silver metal cases if you want to give this flash drive as a gift.

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    Great idea. That way you flash drive is always easy to find and you will never mistake it for someone else's.

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