Personalized Water Bottles From Freezer Paper!



Introduction: Personalized Water Bottles From Freezer Paper!

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There are any number of examples of how to make water bottle labels online, as well as plenty of websites that sell personalized water bottle labels. Most of the labels you can buy premade are relatively expensive - they include the bottle, but tend to cost more than a dollar per bottle. The tutorials online for making your own labels require you to either buy special waterproof paper, or wrap your labels in packing tape.

I still have a whole roll of freezer paper from making my garter belt (printing on fabric - that's a whole other instructable, eh?) and it seemed to make sense that the plastic coating on freezer paper that makes it good for use in the freezer would also make it relatively resistant to condensation.

What you need:

-Freezer paper cut into 8.5x11 sheets. You can buy freezer paper precut to this size in stores that sell quilting supplies - quilters use them for appliques. Reynolds makes freezer paper that comes in a huge roll. If you cut a sheet at least 11" long, you can fit two pieces side by side. 

-Inkjet printer

-Paper cutter

-Crazy glue, gorilla glue, etc...

-Bottled water

Step 1:
Figure out how big you want your labels to be. I did mine to be approximately 1.5" tall and 8.5" long. They are designed in the same pattern as our escort cards, table numbers, and several other aspects of the wedding. For more information on how to set up an excel sheet to size, check out my tutorial on cupcake flags here - it explains in detail how to change the size of rows and columns.

I set my rows to be alternating 1.4" and 0.2" to allow room to cut between the borders. Due to the fact that the water bottle label just fits around the bottle, I only but borders on the top and bottom, not sides.

Step 2:
Using text boxes and images, I created the label design shown in the pictures. I also added a barcode generated here from the barcode on the original label. I scanned the final product on my Droid, and it came up under the poland spring. I only did one design, but this is where you could make several different types of designs. I used the borders as cutting guides instead of putting separate ones in. If you don't want to use borders, you may want to add in cutting guides to help with step 4.

Step 3:
Making sure the freezer paper is inserted in the printer so that it prints on the paper side, not the plastic side, print your design out.

Step 4:
Using the paper trimmer, cut your labels out. You could also use awesome pattern scissors for a different type of edge.

Step 5:
Peel off the old label, trying to maintain the glue that attaches it. Use this glue to attach one end of the label. Using the super glue or gorilla glue, glue the other end down

Step 6:
Admire your handiwork! These labels won't hold up to water, but will resist the condensation that forms on a bottle after going from the fridge to room temp. They have a handmade look due to the paper on the outside, although that could be covered in packing tape if desired.

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