Personalized Chesspiece

Introduction: Personalized Chesspiece

Hi there,

I made another school project the past weeks. the assignment was to personalize a chess piece. We had too choose one of the existing chess pieces and give it a personal look. It was intended to 3d print the chess piece with one of the 3d printers at school.

Used 3d printer: ultimaker 3d printer.
Layer thickness used: 0.2.
Tempature used: 230 degrees celsius.
Speed printing used: 75%.
Duration printing about 1 hour en 30 minutes.

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Step 1: Step 1 Brainstorm

I have to brainstorm wich chess piece suits me, so I made a mindmap about myself. The next step was to choose some words from my mindmap, choose a chesspiece and make some sketches about to see what it should be look like. I choose the chess piece bishop, not because it have something religous but because we call it runner in the netherlands. In my mindmap i choose the words stressy and hard working because i can be a bit stressy and also work hard. The bishop stand symbolic for me as a hard worker (if you know something about chess the bishop is allowed to cross the whole playboard diagonal, now thats hard working!) and always running and a bit stressy.

Step 2: Step 2

In this step I sketched my chess piece on paper.

Step 3: Step 3

Now I had visualized how my chess piece needs too look, i begin to make it in a 3d sketch program. I had to make the body and the head separated because it otherwise not could be printed (because the body needs to be lay flat when you print it and the head need to be round and stand when printed) 

Step 4: Step 4 Print Time

I finished my chess piece in the 3d sketch program. Now i can print my first piece, of course it's first a smaller version (the orange one) to test. the smaller version looks very nice so i printed my large and final version (the red one). The large version went wrong a few times so i had to print it a couple times. the total print time was 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Step 5: Step 5 Assembly

Everthing is printed now so I glued the 2 pieces together, the result you can see in the pictures. the two STL files you can download here and are the body and head of the chess piece. You can upload the stl files simply to the 3d printer and print the chess piece

Step 6: The Blueprint Stl File

Here you can download the stl 3d print files of the chess piece

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