Personalized Mom Jewelry-bracelets With Charms for Women




Spring is finally here and will the Mother’s Day still be far behind? It is time to get some vigorous bracelets with charms for women that you care actually. I’ve got an easy spring-themed personalized mom jewelry that you can make in about 30 minutes.


Step 1: Make the Decorative Drop Bead Pendant

Slide the drop glass bead onto matching headpin.

Loop at the location close to the bead top. Wrap the excess pin tail around the neck.
Change the combination of other bead for the dangling charms.

Step 2: String All Elements

Cut a long elastic cord, then thread on the well-prepared beads and charms on the cord one after one.

Step 3: Make a Closure

Tie a surgical knot with two cord ends.
Pull the cords tautly and then tuck the knot at adjacent 3 or 4 beads. Trim off the extra cord part and this is your personalized mom jewelry.
Every charm bracelet is individual and highly-customizable. The options for building bracelets with charms for women are always endless and boundless. Just collect your charms and design one such piece as personalized mom jewelry gift. That may be suitable for any style and outfit types.



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