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Introduction: Pet Bed

I recently designed this bed combo because I was tired of fighting with my Bassets for more leg room. I went out to my workshop and came up with this idea and I have had no more problems with leg room. What you see is a queen sized, raised panel bed with a footboard that includes two working draws and pet bed on top and stairs. Not only do I now have room to move in my own bed, but I save my back and the backs of my bassets, by providing them with steps to get in and out of their bed. I guess I could have made the dogs sleep on the floor, but if you know a basset hound, this idea was much easier! Took me a week to make. I used Aspen pine wood.



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    Lol!! Thank you ! It did cut off. I fixed it!!!

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    3 years ago

    I would love the instructions. I have two yorkies that though small somehow crowd is in bed

    Would love to see detailed instructions on how it was made. Will you be doing that?

    This is so cool how do you make it


    4 years ago

    Love this!!!

    Omg now my doggie can sleep with me thx

    great idea, although I would have to add a raised egde around the dog bed as my french pug blend would ease itself more and more into our bed over the course of the night...

    I'll try to pitch this idea to my boyfriend ;)

    Thats soo cute. My dog always tries to jump on my bed but he finds it difficult. Really good idea :)

    Cool can we have the instrucyable awesome person?

    Thank you PoseidonNC. I will:)

    you should enter this in the pet contest. it would definitely get my vote

    my dog tends to sleep right up against me and uses my pillow XD. but this is absolutely great and its very nice. matches perfectly with bed.

    Haha cool it looks like a bed for short people! XD Yeah, but like Penolopy said, what where you saying?